Odyssey, Chapter 1

This album is the first chapter of a series of tracks that I hope will transport you far beyond the walls of your living room.

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Genesis / ReGenesis

This album regroups Genesis and ReGenesis on a limited edition cassette. I think this double album is mainly about the pursuit of identity as it is a constant reflexion I have to myself.

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I am creating my own modular format because I wasn't satisfied with the existing ones. I want to use it exclusively for live performance, and in this context I don't like having patch cables all over the place. I want things to be straight forward. It's also a fun project :)

It follows Eurorack physical format, 3U tall modules. Then the modules have a width determined by a number of columns. Each column is 4HP wide. So the width is a multiple of 4HP (4, 8, 12, 16...).

The back PCBs are very generic, they can be used with many different modules.

Modules communicate by MIDI over jacks from behind the panels.


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The process of engineering a modular system can get pretty expensive. I intend to always keep my creations open source and ad-free, so I mostly rely on donations and sales to keep going. If you enjoy my work and music please consider it.